Business Continuity

The need for sturdy backup and recovery systems has never been so intense. Data growth continues unabated. Corporate governance and industry legislation have made executives liable for the security of their corporate information. At the same time, virtualization and cloud computing are reshaping the face of business.

If you're making a move into the cloud, you need to integrate your legacy infrastructure and services (including data Centre, security and networks) with those of the private and public cloud. How do you ensure your cloud services are delivered reliably and consistently? Does your cloud provider offer specific commitments regarding the quality and reliability of its services? Will your data be safe in the cloud?

  • Backup and Recovery Assessment: follows a process of discovery, analysis and recommendations across the three key areas of the backup and recovery environment
  • Cloud Readiness Workshop: a structured engagement that ensures every aspect of your environment is 'cloud ready'
  • Cloud Backup: An optional add-on service to Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS), enabling CaaS clients to back up their CaaS workloads (virtual machines and data) easily and seamlessly, ensuring business continuity
  • Data Centre Development Model: Through our Data Centre Development Model, we undertake a thorough assessment of all the critical domains associated with a successful data Centre transformation, and – more importantly – help you ascertain which are most relevant to your business and its strategic goals.